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Deep Water Questions with Answers

51. Though Douglas was frightened, he was not

52. How did Douglas make sure that he had conquered the old terror?

53. What is the theme of the story Deep Water?

54. When writer started to learn swimming at YMCA he revived unpleasant Memories and childish fear.It can be infered that it was a case of

55. What strategy did the author plan to survive when he was going deep end of the pool.

56. Why did his plan fail?

57. ”I jumped with everything I had”. What expression does this expression convey?

58. The chap that threw me in was saying,”But I was only fooling” Choose the option mentioning personal trait of the chap. 1)pressuasive 2) irresponsible 3) domineering 4) manipulative 5) Callou


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Deep Water

Deep Water Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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