Arms and the Man Quiz Question with Answer

21. What is Louka willing to do to the Petkoffs, to advance her own social status?

  1. Steal from them
  2. Leave them
  3. Use their secrets against them after spying on them
  4. Physically harm them

22. What happens while Raina leaves to find her mother?

  1. Bluntschli falls asleep
  2. Bluntschli escapes
  3. Bluntschli hides again
  4. Bluntschli eats all her chocolates

23. What does the play end in a flurry of?

  1. Gunfire
  2. Engagements
  3. Divorces
  4. Thefts

24. What does the Petkoff family brag about?

  1. Their crest
  2. Their basement
  3. Their goats
  4. Their library

25. What does Sergius do to Louka when they speak privately?

  1. Gives her money
  2. Hurts her wrist
  3. Tells her about his family
  4. Asks her to clean his room

26. What does Raina boast her house has?

  1. A sun-room
  2. A library
  3. An attic
  4. A cellar

27. What does Petkoff do instead of using the electric bell to call the servants?

  1. Whisper
  2. Write notes
  3. Ride out on horseback to find the servants
  4. Yell

28. What does Louka tell Raina in the opening scene of the play?

  1. How to find a trapdoor in her room
  2. How to unbuckle her shoes with the light off
  3. How to close the window without locking it entirely shut
  4. How to find the chocolate creams

29. What does Catherine Petkoff wear on all occasions?

  1. A cloak
  2. A wig
  3. A tea gown
  4. A hoop skirt

30. What does Bluntschli use as a weapon against Raina?

  1. A blanket
  2. A knife
  3. A mirror
  4. A cloak

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