Wind Class 9 Poem Quiz Question with Answer

11. What does the poet want the wind to do?

  1. don’t break the shutters of windows
  2. don’t scatter the papers
  3. don’t throw down the books
  4. all these

12. How does the poet want the wind to come?

  1. fastly
  2. slowly
  3. dimly
  4. in a tempestuous way

13. Find a synonym for loyal from the poem

  1. firm
  2. strong
  3. steadfast
  4. none

14. What does the word prosper mean in the poem?

  1. keep going
  2. flourish
  3. keep moving
  4. proper

15. What sort of houses does the poet ask us to make?

  1. luxury houses
  2. huts
  3. strong houses
  4. weak houses

16. What is the effect of the wind on strong fires?

  1. makes them roar and flourish
  2. blows them out as usual
  3. let them burn
  4. all of these

17. What is the effect of the wind on weak fires?

  1. makes them stronger
  2. blow them out
  3. let them burn as before
  4. all of these

18. What does ‘crumbling hearts’ refer to?

  1. Old persons
  2. Weak persons
  3. Rich and strong persons
  4. Despondent persons

19. Why does the poet want the wind to come softly?

  1. Poet likes the wind that comes softly.
  2. Poet likes smooth wind.
  3. Poet likes the wind that flows slowly.
  4. Poet doesn't want things to break or scatter

20. Suggest a word that stands for to fix

  1. settle
  2. make correct
  3. Join
  4. All

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Wind Class 9 Poem

Wind Class 9 Poem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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