The Portrait of a Lady Quiz Question with Answer

11. What was the turning point of the friendship between grandmother and author?

  1. When he became an adult
  2. When his parents called both of them to the city
  3. When he left her to live in the city with his parents
  4. When they stopped talking

12. Where did the author go to study in the city?

  1. English School in motor bus
  2. by walking down to nearby school
  3. Hindi School
  4. No where

13. What made the grandmother unhappy about the author’s new English School?

  1. the fact that she could no longer help him with the lessons
  2. Because they were in city
  3. Because she didn’t understand English
  4. Because she didn’t understand English and could no longer help him with the lessons

14. Why didn’t the grandmother like music?

  1. It was the monopoly of harlots and beggars and not meant for gentlefolk
  2. She liked only religious prayers
  3. She liked the traditional folk music
  4. She thought it would distract him from studies

15. How did the grandmother spend her time in the city?

  1. feedings dogs
  2. reading scriptures
  3. spinning the wheel
  4. talking to neighbours

16. How did the grandmother spend her afternoon every day?

  1. by feeding hundreds of sparrows
  2. by taking a nap
  3. by talking to author’s mother
  4. by going to temple

17. What happened when the author moved abroad to study for five years?

  1. grandmother bid goodbye by silently kissing his forehead
  2. No one came to see him
  3. Grandmother moved back to village
  4. Parents moved with him

18. What change came in the grandmother’s evening schedule?

  1. She collected the women of the neighbourhood
  2. She would go for a walk
  3. She would sleep early
  4. She would talk to his parents

19. What happened when the grandmother didn’t pray for the first time?

  1. She fell ill the next day
  2. She made this her routine
  3. She took a break and went to the village
  4. None of the above

20. How did the grandmother react to her illness?

  1. She said her end was near
  2. She ignored her health
  3. She took care of her
  4. She was admitted to the hospital

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