The Little Girl Quiz Question with Answer

31. What did Kezia mother ask her to make?

  1. Burger
  2. a gift of pin cushion
  3. snacks
  4. Sandwich

32. What did Kezia think of her father when he used to yawn?

  1. she compared him to Mr.Macdonald
  2. She compared him to a giant
  3. she compared him to god
  4. None

33. What kind of a father was Mr. Macdonald?

  1. jovial natured
  2. rude
  3. very strict
  4. harsh

34. What was Kezia fathers routine after coming back from his office?

  1. he would go for bath
  2. he used to take tea and liked to read newspaper
  3. he would take his meal
  4. none

35. What was Mcdonald playing with his children?

  1. rugby
  2. cricket
  3. chess
  4. Tag

36. What would Kezia find her mother doing on Sunday afternoons in the drawing room?

  1. talking to her father
  2. reading
  3. busy in her work
  4. nothing

37. Where did grandmother send Kezia on Sunday afternoons?

  1. to the playground
  2. to her friends house
  3. to the temple
  4. to her father and mother in the drawing room

38. Where did Kezias grandmother send her to have a nice talk to her mother and father

  1. Drawing room
  2. Dinning room
  3. Barandah
  4. Bedroom

39. Where were the two girls hanging?

  1. on Macdonalds shoulders
  2. on Macdonalds coat pockets
  3. on Macdonalds arms
  4. None

40. Who seemed like a giant for Kezia

  1. Father
  2. Grandfather
  3. Mother
  4. Teacher

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