Rain on The Roof Quiz Question with Answer

11. "O! I feel her fond look on me"- Whose look?

  1. Poet's
  2. Poet's mother
  3. Darling dreamers
  4. None

12. "Which is played upon the shingles"- What is been played upon the shingles?

  1. Raindrops
  2. Imaginations
  3. Fantasies
  4. All of the above

13. Approximately how many memories of the past hits the poet's mind while listening to the sound of rain?

  1. A Hundred
  2. A dozen
  3. A Thousand
  4. A Million

14. Choose a word from the poem that indicates the time of the day

  1. Humid shadow
  2. Woof
  3. Ere
  4. Dawn

15. Choose the antonym of condemnation from the below words taken from the poem

  1. Listen
  2. Tinkle
  3. Patter
  4. Bliss

16. Choose the phrase from the poem that describes the weather type before the rain

  1. Soft rain
  2. Melancholy darkness
  3. Humid shadows
  4. Tinkle on the shingles

17. How is the rain falling on the rooftop?

  1. Harshly
  2. Violently
  3. Fiercely
  4. Softly

18. In this poem, who are darling dreamers?

  1. Blooming imaginative minds
  2. Children who miss their mothers
  3. Children who are poor
  4. Children who walk through the obstacles

19. The humid shadows were..........over the night sky

  1. Traversing
  2. Floating
  3. Disappearing
  4. None

20. The last stanza indicates that the poet's mother

  1. Is no more alive
  2. Is still alive
  3. Is sitting beside him as he watches the rain
  4. Is gone at dawn

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