Keeping Quiet Quiz Question with Answer

11. Pick the literary device that is used inthis phrase “count to twelve and we will all keep still”.

  1. Antithesis
  2. Transferred Epithet
  3. Enjambment
  4. Oxymoron

12. Choose the option that appropriately describes the relationship between the two statements given below:
Statement 1: The earth appears calm and quiet.
Statement 2:Things may die but are reborn.

  1. Beginning- End
  2. Cause – Effect
  3. Nurture - Life
  4. Time- Eternity

13. How will silence benefit the man and nature?

  1. Both will be friends
  2. Man will know nature better
  3. Man will be healthy
  4. Man will stop hurting nature and both will heal themselves

14. Tolle's book A New Earth that says “.....main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken.”. What does the poem awaken us to?

  1. The poem awakens us for the need to think about others in our daily endeavors.
  2. The poem awakens us to reach out to few people.
  3. The poem awakens us to become care about nature only.
  4. The poem awakens us to indulge in green war.

15. What are the different kinds of wars mentioned in the poem?

  1. Wars against humanity
  2. Wars against nature
  3. Wars with gases and fire
  4. All of these

16. Why do you think the poet employs words like “exotic” and “strangeness”?

  1. Man will not understand cruelty, greed and harmful actions.
  2. To highlight the importance of everyone being together suddenly for once
  3. Unnecessary rush and noise is created
  4. The moment will won"t be unique and special

17. “perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness” . What is the sadness" that the poet refers to?

  1. Preoccupation with death
  2. Remaining idle
  3. Never understanding ourselves
  4. Causing wars

18. Why has the poet used conversational style and personal pronouns as you", we" and `I"?

  1. He wants to be intimate with mankind
  2. He tries to read out to the readers
  3. Intimates to establish contact easily
  4. Third person is ineffective

19. What should not be confused with total inactivity or death?

  1. No movement
  2. Astate of being unmindful
  3. Men talking
  4. Stillness and silence

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