Hamlet Quiz Question with Answer

21. What does young Fortinbras want to do?

  1. Fortinbras wants to conquer Denmark.
  2. Fortinbras wants to receive payment from Hamlet.
  3. Fortinbras wants to avenge his fathers death by killing Hamlet.
  4. Fortinbras wants to regain the lands his father had lost.

22. What had Bernardo seen at a prior watch?

  1. He had seen Horatio and Marcellus meeting secretly in a grove of trees. He was suspicious.
  2. He had seen King Hamlets ghost.
  3. He had seen Hamlet crying and acting crazed.
  4. He had seen the Queen in the arms of an unknown suitor.

23. What has happened to Ophelia?

  1. She has married another man, chosen by her father.
  2. She has gone to a convent in Norway.
  3. She has defied her father and announced that she is going to England to be with Hamlet.
  4. She has gone crazy.

24. What is Laertes advice to Ophelia?

  1. He warns her to stay away from Hamlet and tells her to protect her virtue.
  2. He tells her to take time to look over all of the young men before she makes a choice.
  3. He tells her she would be better off going to a convent than marrying any one of her suitors.
  4. He tells her that Polonius is secretly in love with her.

25. What is Polonius plan for testing his theory about Hamlets madness?

  1. He wants to stage a duel and see if Hamlet is mentally aware enough to fight.
  2. He wants the most famous doctors to be brought from all over Europe to observe and study Hamlet, then to make a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  3. He wants to have Hamlet meet Ophelia. He (Polonius) will hide and eavesdrop on the conversation.
  4. He wants the priest to come from Rome to perform an exorcism on Hamlet.

26. What is the content of Hamlets letter to Horatio?

  1. He says he has escaped from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern onto a pirate ship, where he is being well treated. He asks Horatio to give letters to the King and Queen, and then to come to see him as quickly as possible.
  2. He tells him about his old friend Yorick.
  3. He expresses his regrets about the way he has treated Ophelia, but says that he has acted this way for a greater good.
  4. He asks Horatio to talk to the Queen for him; he thinks she might listen to Horatio.

27. What is the content of the letters the King sends with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to England with Hamlet?

  1. The King wants Hamlet to be killed as soon as he reaches England.
  2. The King sends money to the King of England to pay for Hamlets upkeep for one year.
  3. The King sends a document saying that Hamlet is mad, and asking that he be imprisoned in the Tower of London until he regains his sanity.
  4. It is a letter thanking the King of England for his help, and inviting him and his wife to visit Denmark the following spring.

28. What message do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern carry to the King and Queen? What is their response?

  1. They tell them Hamlet wants the King to order Ophelia to marry him. The King refuses.
  2. They tell them Hamlet is having a special Mass said for his dead father. He asks them to come. The Queen accepts, but the King refuses.
  3. They tell them Hamlet wants to go off on a long journey, on foot, by himself. The Queen objects, but the King thinks it is a good idea.
  4. They tell them Hamlet wishes the King and Queen to see a play that night. They both accept.

29. What message does Rosencrantz deliver to Hamlet from the Queen?

  1. She is angry and wont speak to him for one month.
  2. She wants to see him.
  3. She is arranging for him to have dinner with a girl she thinks he will like.
  4. She wants him to go to Norway immediately.

30. What news does Horatio bring Hamlet?

  1. Horatio tells Hamlet of a great plague that has come upon the land.
  2. Horatio tells Hamlet that his mother has been excommunicated.
  3. Horatio tells Hamlet that Fortinbras is on the way with his army.
  4. Horatio tells Hamlet about King Hamlets ghost.

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