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VLSI Design MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. A common means for comparing the propagation delays and the power dissipation of various logic gates is the

  1. fan-out.
  2. power requirements.
  3. speed-power product.
  4. noise margin.

2. A family of logic devices designed for extremely high speed applications is called

  1. NMOS
  2. ECL
  3. PMOS
  4. TTL

3. An invalid input voltage for a TTL logic gate would be

  1. less than 0.8 V.
  2. greater than 2.0 V but less than 5.0 V.
  3. greater than 2.0 V.
  4. between 0.8 V and 2.0 V.

4. An open-collector TTL gate

  1. must have an external pull-up resistor to produce a LOW.
  2. must have an external pull-up resistor to produce a HIGH.
  3. must have an external ground connected to the output to produce a LOW.
  4. must have a transistor added to the output to produce a HIGH.

5. An open-collector TTL gate

  1. can sink current but cannot source current.
  2. can source current but cannot sink current.
  3. cannot source or sink current.
  4. can sink more current than a standard TTL gate.

6. Each input on a TTL gate is connected to the transistors

  1. base.
  2. collector.
  3. gate.
  4. emitter.

7. Fan-out for a typical TTL gate is

  1. 10
  2. 4
  3. 54
  4. 100

8. In order to interface an FPGA with an external device, you must set the value of the

  1. sink current.
  2. external power supply.
  3. source current.
  4. all of the above

9. One advantage that MOSFET transistors have over bipolar transistors is

  1. reduced propagation delay.
  2. higher switching speed.
  3. high input impedance.
  4. low input impedance.

10. The 54XX TTL IC series is the military version and has

  1. a wider temperature range.
  2. more stringent power supply requirements.
  3. higher current output capability.
  4. all of the above.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on VLSI Design

VLSI Design Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

VLSI Design Question and Answer

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