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Autocad Quiz Question with Answer

1. When drawing in 2D, what axis do you NOT work with?

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z
  4. WCS

2. What is the minimum allowable number of layers in a drawing

  1. 5
  2. 1
  3. 2

3. When in absolute Cartesian coordinates have points A (10.8) and B (6.5), then to make a line from A -> B with relative polar coordinates will write

  1. @ -5 <36.88
  2. @ 4 <30
  3. @ 5 <216,88
  4. @ 3 <60

4. If I want to draw a line in the direction 07:30 (local time) will give an angle

  1. -135 degrees
  2. 270 degrees
  3. -225 degrees
  4. None of the above

5. What is the usefulness of viewports

  1. Allows us to see the screen or on paper different views of the same project
  2. Give us the ability to see projects have become a newer version of AutoCAD from our
  3. We can make a change in one part of the plan, without affecting the rest
  4. None of the above

6. Polar coordinates are used mostly for drawing …………………

  1. Arc
  2. Ellipse
  3. Angular lines
  4. None of the above

7. If the scheme that stores will be opened in AutoCAD 2006 then you must save it in

  1. AutoCAD 2004 dwg
  2. AutoCAD 2006 dwg
  3. AutoCAD 2007 dwg
  4. None of the above

8. When to fix a block attribute

  1. Before you fix the block
  2. When I make the block
  3. After fix the block
  4. No matter the number

9. What is the command used for Plagiostomi angle?

  1. Chamfer
  2. Fillet
  3. Offset
  4. Mirror

10. To print the entire project, you will choose to regulate what to plot

  1. Display
  2. Extends
  3. Limits
  4. Window

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