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Operational Amplifier Quiz Question with Answer

1. An ideal operational amplifier has

  1. Infinite output impedance
  2. Zero input impedance
  3. Infinite bandwidth
  4. All of the above

2. Another name for a unity gain amplifier is:

  1. Difference amplifier
  2. Comparator
  3. Single ended
  4. Voltage follower

3. Op-amps used as high- and low-pass filter circuits employ which configuration?

  1. Noninverting
  2. Comparator
  3. Open-loop
  4. Inverting

4. With negative feedback, the returning signal:

  1. Aids the input signal
  2. Is proportional to output current
  3. Opposes the input signal
  4. Is proportional to differential voltage gain

5. A circuit whose output is proportional to the difference between the input signals is considered to be which type of amplifier?

  1. Common-mode
  2. Darlington
  3. Differential
  4. Operational

6. The voltage follower has a:

  1. Closed-loop voltage gain of unity
  2. Small open-loop voltage gain
  3. Closed-loop bandwidth of zero
  4. Large closed-loop output impedance

7. The ratio between differential gain and common-mode gain is called:

  1. Amplitude
  2. Differential-mode rejection
  3. Common-mode rejection
  4. Phase

8. If the input to a comparator is a sine wave, the output is a:

  1. Ramp voltage
  2. Sine wave
  3. Rectangular wave
  4. Sawtooth wave

9. The major difference between ground and virtual ground is that virtual ground is only a:

  1. Voltage reference
  2. Current reference
  3. Power reference
  4. Difference reference

10. When a capacitor is used in place of a resistor in an op-amp network, its placement determines:

  1. Open or closed-loop gain
  2. Integration or differentiation
  3. Saturation or cutoff
  4. Addition or subtraction

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