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Dive into the dynamic world of Electronic Devices with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying semiconductor physics, an engineer designing electronic circuits, or simply fascinated by the inner workings of modern technology, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as semiconductor devices, diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits, and learn about their applications in electronics, telecommunications, and computing. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the complexities of electronic devices has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding the building blocks of modern technology today!

Electronic Devices Questions with Answers

1. A transistor has how many PN Junctions?

2. In an npn transistor, the majority carriers in the emitter are neither both free electrons

3. The barrier potential across each silicon depletion layer is

4. The base of an npn transistor is thin and

5. The emitter of a transistor is generally doped the heaviest because it

6. When a transistor is fully switched ON, it is said to be

7. A FET consists of a

8. The extremely high input impedance of a MOSFET is primarily due to the

9. When a transistor is used as a switch, it is stable in which two distinct regions?

10. The term BJT is short for

11. What are the two types of bipolar junction transistors?

12. 12. The magnitude of dark current in a photo-transistor usually falls in what range?

13. Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET) contain how many diodes?

14. When not in use, MOSFET pins are kept at the same potential through the use of:

15. A MOSFET has how many terminals?

16. Hybrid means

17. If the operating point changes, the h-parameters of transistor

18. There are .............. h-parameters of a transistor

19. For a silicon transistor, when a base-emitter junction is forward-biased, it has a nominal voltage drop of

20. A very simple bias for a D-MOSFET is called:

21. The dc load line on a family of collector characteristic curves of a transistor shows the

22. When a transistor is used as a switch, it is stable in which two distinct regions?

23. The h-parameter approach gives correct results for


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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