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Dive into the world of Electrical Cables with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying electrical engineering, an electrician, or someone interested in the fundamentals of electrical wiring, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as cable types, insulation materials, voltage ratings, and practical applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the intricacies of electrical cables has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding this essential aspect of electrical systems today!

Electrical Cables Questions with Answers

1. A cable carrying alternating current has

2. A certain cable has an insulation of relative permittivity 4. If the insulation is replaced by one of relative permittivity 2, the capacitance of the cable will become

3. Cables are used for 132 kV lines.

4. Cables for 220 kV lines are invariably

5. Cables, generally used beyond 66 kV are

6. Capacitance grading of cable implies

7. Conduit pipes are normally used to protect..............cables.

8. Copper as conductor for cables is used as

9. Dielectric strength of rubber is around

10. Empire tape is

11. High tension cables are generally used upto

12. If a cable of homogeneous insulation has a maximum stress of 10 kV/mm, then the dielectric strength of insulation should be

13. If a power cable and a communication cable are to run parallel the minimum distance between the two, to avoid interference, should be

14. If the length of a cable is doubled, its capacitance

15. In a cable immediately above metallic sheath.............is provided.

16. In a cable the voltage stress is maximum at

17. In a cable, the maximum stress under operating conditions is at

18. In cables the charging current

19. In capacitance grading of cables we use a....................dielectric

20. In case of three core flexible cable the colour of the neutral is

21. In single core cables armouring is not done to

22. In the cables, sheaths are used to

23. In the cables, the location of fault is usually found out by comparing

24. Is a cable is to be designed for use on 1000 kV, which insulation would you prefer ?

25. Low tension cables are generally used upto

26. Pressure cables are generally not used beyond

27. PVC stands for

28. Solid type cables are considered unreliable beyond 66 kV because

29. The advantage of cables over overhead transmission lines is

30. The advantage of oil filled cables is

31. The bedding on a cable consists of

32. The breakdown of insulation of the cable can be avoided economically by the use of

33. The breakdown voltage of a cable depends on

34. The current carrying capacity of cables in D.C. is more thanthat in A.C. mainly due to

35. The disadvantage with paper as insulating material is

36. The electrostatic stress in underground cables is

37. The insulating material for a cable should have

38. The insulating material for cables should

39. The insulating material should have

40. The insulation of the cable decreases with

41. The intersheaths in the cables are used to

42. The material for armouring on cable is usually

43. The minimum dielectric stress in a cable is at

44. The relative permittivity of rubber is

45. The surge resistance of cable is

46. The thickness of metallic shielding on cables is usually

47. The thickness of the layer of insulation on the conductor, in cables, depends upon

48. Underground cables are laid at sufficient depth

49. Which of the following insulation is used in cables?

50. Which of the following protects a cable against mechanical injury?


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Electrical Cables Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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