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PCB Designing Fundamentals Quiz Question with Answer

1. A well written requirement

  1. has a complex sentence structure
  2. uses technical verbiage
  3. is testable by its nature
  4. needs to be vague

2. During post assembly testing, it was found that a latch on one of the connectors cannot be fully extended due to other components located nearby. What would have prevented this situation from occurring?

  1. The use of a 3D component
  2. The use of a 3D component and component clearance rule
  3. The use of a courtyard
  4. The use of a courtyard and a component clearance rule

3. Microvias are the same as 1 layer blind or buried vias

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

4. PCBs should be fabricated with ................ layers.

  1. Odd Number of
  2. Even Number of
  3. Any Number of

5. Select the answer that is True Statement: Mechanical layers

  1. are unique to each project
  2. are only declared in the PCB editor during layout
  3. follow an IPC standard
  4. should be used in the footprint libraries for courtyards and assembly files

6. Silk Screens

  1. Are not required for every component
  2. Are highly recommended for prototype boards
  3. Are not necessary for production boards
  4. All of the above

7. The biggest factor when it comes to impedance is

  1. Clock speed of the board crystal
  2. The integrity of the signal from the output buffer of the sending component
  3. The voltage level
  4. The physical aspects of the board

8. The declaration of Vias-In-Pads is determined in the

  1. Assembly Notes
  2. Fabrication Notes
  3. Fabrication Files
  4. Via stack up

9. The grid used in a PCB layout tool should be

  1. In metric (mm)
  2. In imperial (mils)
  3. Both A and B interchangeably
  4. Either A or B

10. The solder mask has an impact on the trace impedance.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

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PCB Designing Fundamentals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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