Power Plant Engineering MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Power Plant Engineering MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the realm of Power Plant Engineering with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying mechanical engineering, a professional working in the energy sector, or simply intrigued by power generation processes, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as thermodynamics, steam turbines, boilers, and practical applications in fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy power plants. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the intricacies of power plant engineering has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding the backbone of energy production today!"

Power Plant Engineering Questions with Answers

1. The overall efficiency of a boiler in a thermal power plant is of the order of

2. Permissible pH value of water for boilers is

3. Heating value of coal is approximately

4. The steam consumption per kWh of electricity generated in a modem power plant is of the order of

5. What is the maximum size of steam turbine usually being installed, for thermal power plants ?

6. Which of the following is not the voltage at which power is usually transmitted(A)132 kV

7. Overall thermal efficiency of a steam power station is in the range

8. Most of the generators in thermal power plants run at

9. Standard frequency usually for electric supply is

10. A 100 MW thermal power-plant will consume nearly how many tonnes of coal in one hour ?

11. Soot is virtually nothing but

12. Super heated steam is always

13. Water is supplied to a boiler

14. Pressure of steam in condenser is

15. Equipment used for pulverizing the coal is known as

16. Which of the following is considered as superior quality of coal ?

17. Which coal will have highest ash content ?

18. Burning of low grade fuel can be improved by

19. A condenser in a thermal power plant condenses steam combing out of

20. In a power plant, coal is carried from storage place to boilers generally by means of

21. Pulverized coal is

22. Live storage of coal in a power plant means

23. Which of the following enters the super heater of a boiler ?

24. In regenerative cycle, bled steam is

25. When pulverized fuel is not used, the equipment used for supplying coal to the boiler is

26. The efficiency of a thermal power plant improves with

27. The equipment installed in power plants to reduce air pollution due to smoke is

28. As steam expands in turbine

29. For low head and high discharge, the hydraulic turbine used is

30. Which of the following, is not a high pressure boiler ?

31. Low grade fuels have

32. Bagasse is

33. Power plants using coal work closely on known which of the following cycle ?

34. Chemical composition of coal is given by

35. Which of the following contributes to the improvement of efficiency of Rankine cycle in a thermal power plant ?

36. In power station practice spinning reserve is

37. In a steam locomotive the engine is

38. Ash content of coal can be reduced by

39. Coal used in power plant is also known as

40. Which variety of coal has lowest calorific value?

41. Out of the following which one is not a unconventional source of energy ?

42. In a steam turbine cycle, the lowest pressure occurs in

43. The boilers using lignite as fuel do not use


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Power Plant Engineering

Power Plant Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Power Plant Engineering Trivia Quiz

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