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Robotics Quiz Question with Answer

1. Robot is derived from Czech word

  1. Rabota
  2. Robota
  3. Rebota
  4. Ribota

2. Drives are also known as

  1. Sensors
  2. Controller
  3. Actuators
  4. Manipulator

3. Which among the following is not the functionality of Robots

  1. Reprogrammability
  2. Multifunctinality
  3. Efficient Performance
  4. Responsibility

4. Clockwise of Anti clockwise rotation about the vertical axis to the perpendicular arm is provided through

  1. Shoulder swivel
  2. Elbow extension
  3. Wrist bend
  4. Arm sweep

5. What is the full form of AGV ?

  1. Automated Grouped Vehicles
  2. Alternative Guided Vehicles
  3. Automatic Guided Vehicles
  4. All Time Guided Vehicles

6. Radial movement (in & out) to the manipulator arm is provided by

  1. Elbow extension
  2. Wrist bend
  3. Wrist yaw
  4. Wrist swivel

7. AVG Robot is placed in which of the following category ?

  1. A Mobile Robot
  2. A Saturated Robot
  3. An Unsaturated Robot
  4. A Natural Robot

8. Which of the following is a serial Robot

  1. Commercial Robot
  2. Industrial Robot
  3. In House Robot
  4. None of these

9. The Robot designed with Cartesian coordinate systems has

  1. Three linear movements
  2. Three rotational movements
  3. Two linear and one rotational movement
  4. Two rotational and one linear movement

10. Which part of the Robot provides motion to the manipulator and end-effectors ?

  1. Controller
  2. Sensor
  3. Actuator
  4. None of the above

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