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Electrical Machines MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the world of Electrical Machines with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying electrical engineering, an engineer designing power systems, or simply interested in the workings of motors and generators, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as electromagnetic principles, motor operation, generator design, and practical applications in industries and utilities. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the complexities of electrical machines has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding the backbone of electrical power systems today!

Electrical Machines Questions with Answers

1. The power factor of the induction motor will be __________ if the magnetizing current is __________

2. The magnetizing current of an induction motor will be __________ for __________ air gap

3. In induction motors, small air gap __________ power factor and __________ noise level

4. In induction motors, the difference between the number of stator and rotor slots should not be

5. Induction motor which of the following depends on the leakage reactance?

6. The use of double squirrel cage winding on the rotor provides

7. In induction motor if the number of rotor slots is equal to the stator slots then

8. In squirrel cage motors, skin effect occurs in

9. A synchronous machine having large length of the air gap will have

10. Damper windings are provided in synchronous machines to

11. Which of the following motors has a high starting torque?

12. The starting winding of a single-phase motor is placed in

13. In a DC series motor increase in load current results in

14. Which DC motors has approximately constant speed?

15. An electric machine will have high efficiency when

16. Inter poles in DC machines are provided to reduce

17. DC motor yoke is generally made of

18. The output of a rotating electrical machine is limited by

19. The dimensions of a dc machine primarily depend on

20. Skewing of rotor slots helps in

21. The harmonics in rotating machines are generated due to

22. The effect of harmonics in rotating machines can be minimized by

23. In dc machines the number of poles is generally decided by

24. In dc machines by increasing the number of poles, all of the following reduce except:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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