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Soldering and Brazing Quiz Question with Answer

1. The temperature range of brazing process is.........

  1. 150°C to 250°C
  2. 250°C to 450°C
  3. 500°C to 700°C
  4. 700°C to 900°C

2. The temperature range for soldering process is.......

  1. 40°C to 100°C
  2. 180°C to 250°C
  3. 300°C to 500°C
  4. 600°C to 900°C

3. When brazing is carried out.........

  1. A joint is made between two parts by molten spelter
  2. The edges of the joint melt and run together
  3. Spelter forms an alloy with the flux
  4. Flux prevents the work from melting

4. Soldering iron is made of wedge shape in order to......

  1. Apply high pressure at edge
  2. Retain heat
  3. Retain solder
  4. Forge welding

5. A soldering iron bit is made of.......

  1. Brass
  2. Tin
  3. Steel
  4. Copper

6. The purpose of using flux in soldering is to.......

  1. Increase fluidity of solder metal
  2. Feel up gaps left in a bad joint
  3. Carbon steel
  4. Prevent oxides forming

7. Brazing is the process of.......

  1. Joining plastic sheets
  2. Hard soldering using brass spelter
  3. Casing in brass
  4. Makeing steel look like brass

8. Which of the following flux is used for brazing aluminium and magnesium.......

  1. Mixture of boric acid,borax and wetting agent
  2. Boric acid,borax or fluoride with a wetting agent
  3. Chlorides and fluorides mixed with water
  4. Any of the above

9. The flux is brazing process is used in the form of.......

  1. Powder
  2. Liquid
  3. Paste
  4. Any of the above

10. Entrapped fluxes, during brazing result in.......

  1. Presence of gas pockets
  2. Corrosion
  3. Cracking
  4. Distortion of joints

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