Parallel Processing Quiz Question with Answer

21. Memory address refers to the successive memory words and the machine is called as

  1. word addressable
  2. byte addressable
  3. bit addressable
  4. Terra byte addressable

22. Micro instructions are stored in

  1. computer memory
  2. primary storage
  3. secondary storage
  4. control memory

23. Out of the following which is not a CISC machine.

  1. IBM 370/168
  2. VAX 11/780
  3. Intel 80486
  4. Motorola A567

24. Parallel processing may occur

  1. in the instruction stream
  2. in the data stream
  3. both[A] and [B]
  4. none of the above

25. Parallel programs: Which speedup could be achieved according to Amdahls law for infinite number of processors if 5% of a program is sequential and the remaining part is ideally parallel?

  1. Infinite speedup
  2. 5
  3. 20
  4. 50

26. PC Program Counter is also called

  1. instruction pointer
  2. memory pointer
  3. data counter
  4. file pointer

27. Pipeline implement

  1. fetch instruction
  2. decode instruction
  3. fetch operand
  4. calculate operand

28. Pipe-lining is a unique feature of

  1. RISC
  2. CISC
  3. ISA
  4. IANA

29. Pipelining strategy is called implement

  1. instruction execution
  2. instruction prefetch
  3. instruction decoding
  4. instruction manipulation

30. Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have

  1. ALU
  2. Primary Storage
  3. Control unit
  4. All of above

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