Welding Quiz Question with Answer

31. Which of the processes can be classified as fusion welding?

  1. Arc welding and Laser beam welding
  2. Friction welding and Laser beam welding
  3. Friction welding and Ultrasonic welding
  4. Ultrasonic welding and Laser beam welding

32. Which of the following is an example of fusion welding?

  1. Arc welding
  2. Forge welding
  3. Resistance welding
  4. Thermit welding with pressure

33. In resistance welding, two electrodes are made of

  1. Aluminium
  2. Copper
  3. Iron
  4. Bronze

34. In arc welding, arc initiation voltage is of the order

  1. 20-60V
  2. 60-100V
  3. 100-140V
  4. 140-180V

35. The temperature of arc in case of arc welding is

  1. 2000°C
  2. 2600°C
  3. 3000°C
  4. 3600°C

36. Single-V and single-U butt welds are used for sheets of thickness upto

  1. 10mm
  2. 5-15mm
  3. 10-20mm
  4. 15-25mm

37. The electrodes are manufactured in two standard lengths namely

  1. 350 mm and 250 mm
  2. 350 mm and 450 mm
  3. 400 mm and 500 mm
  4. 12 inches and 10 inches

38. Which fuel gas is used for cutting deep under water?

  1. Acetylene
  2. Hydrogen
  3. LPG
  4. Methane

39. While gas cutting the nozzle should

  1. almost touch the work
  2. be 10 mm away from work
  3. be 2 mm away from work
  4. be 5 mm away from work

40. If the blowpipe is moved to and fro frequently while cutting the kerf will

  1. be more
  2. of correct size
  3. be less
  4. not be affected

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