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51. The correct flame for preheating before cutting is

52. Neutral flame in gas welding contains

53. In DC welding heat distribution is possible between electrode and the base metal due to the change of polarity. The distribution of heat is

54. The correct colours for oxygen and acetylene hoses are:

55. Which one of the following is the type of transformer used in arc welding?

56. Cast iron contains two elements, which make it difficult to cut it by gas cutting. What are these elements?

57. The function of the central hole in the tip of the cutting blowpipe is

58. In gas cutting, if too little cutting oxygen is supplied

59. The size of the cutting nozzle used in oxy-acetylene cutting process depends mainly on

60. Which of the gases can be used to form a protective envelope in arc welding?

61. Acetylene is a fuel gas for gas cutting & welding composed of

62. Double-V and double-U butt welds are used for plates of thickness


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Welding

Welding Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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