Power Plant Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

21. Pulverized coal is

  1. coal free from ash
  2. non-smoking coal
  3. coal which bums For long time
  4. coal broken into fine particles.

22. Live storage of coal in a power plant means

  1. coal ready for combustion
  2. preheated coal
  3. storage of coal sufficient to meet 24 hour demandof the plant
  4. coal in transit.

23. Which of the following enters the super heater of a boiler ?

  1. Cold water
  2. Hot water
  3. Wet steam
  4. Super-heated steam.

24. In regenerative cycle, bled steam is

  1. discharged to atmosphere
  2. condensed in steam condenser
  3. used to beat feed water for boiler
  4. is mixed with steam supplied to turbine.

25. When pulverized fuel is not used, the equipment used for supplying coal to the boiler is

  1. Heater
  2. Stoker
  3. Burner
  4. Skip hoist.

26. The efficiency of a thermal power plant improves with

  1. increased quantity of coal burnt
  2. larger quantity of water used
  3. lower load in the plant
  4. use of high steam pressures.

27. The equipment installed in power plants to reduce air pollution due to smoke is

  1. Induced draft fans
  2. De-super heaters
  3. Electrostatic precipitators
  4. Re-heaters.

28. As steam expands in turbine

  1. its pressure increases
  2. its specific volume increases
  3. its boiling point increases
  4. its temperature increases.

29. For low head and high discharge, the hydraulic turbine used is

  1. Kaplan turbine
  2. Francis turbine
  3. Pelton wheel
  4. Jonual turbine.

30. Which of the following, is not a high pressure boiler ?

  1. Loeffler boiler
  2. Lancashire boiler
  3. Velox boiler
  4. Lamont boiler.

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