Power Plant Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

11. Soot is virtually nothing but

  1. ash
  2. cinder
  3. gas
  4. carbon4

12. Super heated steam is always

  1. at a temperature higher than the saturation temperature corresponding to a steam pressure
  2. at a pressure more than the boiler steam pressure
  3. separated from water particles before being supplied to turbine
  4. at a pressure less than the maximum cycle pressure.

13. Water is supplied to a boiler

  1. at atmospheric pressure
  2. at slightly more than atmospheric pressure
  3. at 100 cm/kg2
  4. at more than the steam pressure on the boiler.

14. Pressure of steam in condenser is

  1. atmospheric pressure
  2. more than pressure
  3. slightly less than pressure
  4. much less than pressure.

15. Equipment used for pulverizing the coal is known as

  1. Ball mill
  2. Hopper
  3. Burner
  4. Stoker.

16. Which of the following is considered as superior quality of coal ?

  1. Bituminous coal
  2. Peat
  3. Lignite
  4. Coke.

17. Which coal will have highest ash content ?

  1. Bituminous coal
  2. Grade I steam coal
  3. Coking coal
  4. Lignite.

18. Burning of low grade fuel can be improved by

  1. Blending with better quality
  2. Oil assisted ignition
  3. Pulverizing
  4. Any of the above.

19. A condenser in a thermal power plant condenses steam combing out of

  1. Boiler
  2. Super-heater
  3. Economizer
  4. Turbine.

20. In a power plant, coal is carried from storage place to boilers generally by means of

  1. bucket
  2. belts
  3. trolleys
  4. manually.

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