Mechanical Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. Which of the following is true conversion for unit of pressure?

  1. 1 bar =105 Pa
  2. 1 bar = 1 Pa
  3. I Pa =105 bar
  4. None of these

82. Which of the following set is of basic quantities?

  1. Mass, force, time
  2. Distance, density, temperature b)
  3. Time, electric current, velocity
  4. Distance, time, temperature

83. Which of the following set of instruments are used to measure pressure?

  1. Manometer, pressure gauge
  2. Rotameter, pressure gauge
  3. Manometer, rotameter
  4. None of above

84. Which Of the following type of belts is also known as positive drive belt?

  1. V-belt
  2. Flat belt
  3. Timing belt
  4. Wedge type belt

85. Which of the following type of centrifugal pump converts kinetic energy of pump into pressure energy:

  1. Foot valve
  2. Casing
  3. Suction pipe
  4. Impeller

86. Which Of the following type Of drives transmit power by friction?

  1. Spur gear drive
  2. Chain drive
  3. Worm gear drive
  4. Belt drive

87. Which one is larger unit of mass?

  1. Kilogram
  2. Gram
  3. Pound
  4. Milligram

88. Which one is link between piston and crank

  1. Connecting rod
  2. Piston pin
  3. Push rod
  4. Crank shaft

89. Which one of the externally fired boiler.

  1. Babcock and Wilcox
  2. Cochran
  3. Lancashire
  4. All of the above

90. Which part used in I.C.Engine to convert reciprocating motion of piston to rotary motion of output shaft

  1. Connecting road
  2. Crank shaft
  3. Cam shaft
  4. Gudgeon pin

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