Surveying and Levelling MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Surveying and Levelling MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Surveying and Levelling multiple choice questions and answers on Surveying and Levelling MCQ questions quiz on Surveying and Levelling objectives questions with answer test pdf for Civil Engineering.

Surveying and Levelling Questions with Answers

1. The size of a plane table is

2. Straight, parallel and widely spaced contours represent

3. Bowditch rule is applied to

4. Two contour lines, having the same elevation

5. Different grades are joined together by a

6. The vertical angle between longitudinal axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle and ahorizontal line at its pivot, is known

7. The smaller horizontal angle between the true meridian and a survey line, is known

8. Which of the following methods of contouring is most suitable for a hilly terrain?

9. If the smallest division of a vernier is longer than the smallest division of its primary scale, thevernier is known as

10. The line normal to the plumb line is known as

11. The real image of an object formed by the objective must lie

12. The line of collimation method of reduction of levels, does not provide a check on

13. Contour interval is

14. Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of

15. Subtense bar is an instrument used for

16. For the construction of highway (or railway)

17. Volume of the earth work may be calculated by

18. Which of the following methods of theodolite traversing is suitable for locating the details whichare far away from transit stations?

19. Detailed plotting is generally done by

20. In direct method of contouring, the process of locating or identifying points lying on a contour is called

21. The two point problem and three point problem are methods of

22. The length of a traverse leg may be obtained by multiplying the latitude and

23. The line of sight is kept as high above ground surface as possible to minimise the error in theobserved angles due to

24. Chain surveying is well adopted for

25. The chord of a curve less than peg interval, is known as

26. In levelling operation,

27. Contour interval is

28. To avoid large centering error with very short legs, observations are generally made

29. Check lines (or proof lines) in Chain Surveying, are essentially required

30. Ramsden eye-piece consists of


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Surveying and Levelling

Surveying and Levelling Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Surveying and Levelling Trivia Quiz

Surveying and Levelling Question and Answer PDF Online

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