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MCQ quiz on Building Construction multiple choice questions and answers on Building Construction MCQ questions on advanced building construction technology techniques objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Building Construction Questions with Answers

1. A material which is naturally or artificially produced & is a filament or thread like piece of any material

2. While considering the design period, which must be given more priority?

3. Which type of water is generally used in the treatment of water?

4. Which type of roofs gives better resistance against shocks?

5. Which type of excavator carries Shovel at its lower end.

6. Which type of equipment have intermittent cycles of work.

7. Which technique is defined as a technique to improve the engineering characterstics of soil.

8. Which one is incorrect, what are the components of drainage sysytem?

9. Which one is a self propelled machine which is used mainly to exert a powerful tractive force for pulling other machines.

10. Which of the following types of plastics have a high modulus of elasticity?

11. Which of the following statements about thermosetting plastics is not true?

12. Which of the following need not be avoided for construction of quake resistant buildings?

13. Which of the following is not a property of plastics?

14. Which of the following is not a component of plumbing water supply system?

15. Which of the following is not a classification of traps based on their shape?

16. Which of the following instruments is used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake?

17. Which of the following indicates the component of a water supply scheme?

18. Which of the following can be identified as the objective of water supply scheme?

19. Which of the following assumption is correct for earthquake design resistant structure?

20. Which is the largest group of geosynthetics.

21. Which IS Code is used for designing a structure considering earthquake loads?

22. Which apparatus is used to test liquid limit of a soil.

23. When two buildigs are close to each other, they may strike with each other during shaking is known as

24. When a construction is done above the 1.5m height then a temporary structure is needed to support the labours to continue the construction process. These structures are called............

25. What should be the type of foundation for concrete and masonry buildings?

26. What construction in a building means the free passage of clean air in a building.

27. What are used to transfer the heavy loads from one level to another level & can be operated by using electric motors or hydraulic pump.

28. What are the protectors, these are the safety devices which are used to protect the home appliances like televisions, refrigerators computers with damage by high voltage

29. What are the Characterstics of sesmic performance of the building?

30. what are power driven mechanical service used to transfer people up to short vertical height& used in public places like cinema complex,threaters, marketing malls etc.These have the capacity to move large number of people at a particular time.

31. Water supply includes

32. Water cement ratio is the ratio of

33. Ventilation of house drainage is required to

34. To avoid shearing, dam has to be placed as far as possible from

35. The..........are used for preventing foul gas from sewers to back flow in the house.

36. The.............should be preferably Inclined at 45° with the ground.

37. a bad conductor of heat and it is also non-combustible building material.

38. a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water, which, when placed in the skeleton of forms and are allowed to cure, becomes hard like a stone.

39. The type of pipe commonly used in water supply distribution schemes, is

40. The treatment given to the roof of a building to prevent the roof from the leakage of water is known as

41. The technique used to reinforce and strengthen the existing ground.

42. The shaking of earthcrust due to the movement of collision of the techtonic plattes is called...............

43. The science which deals with the sound insulation in a building is known as

44. The science which deals with the sound insulation in a building is known as

45. The ratio of the total floor area inclusive of all the floors to the area of the plot on which building stands is known as

46. The process by which buildings are made more resistant to earthquake is the

47. The method of distribution of water is divided into how many types?

48. The instrument which is used to measure the earthquake shaking is called

49. The inside corner of an asymmetrical shape are called as...............corners

50. The full form of BIS is


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Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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