Theory of Machines MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Theory of Machines MCQs questions answers

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Theory of Machines Questions with Answers

1. an inversion of Double slider crank chain

2. A ball and a socket forms a

3. A fixed gear having 200 teeth is in mesh with another gear having 50 teeth. The two gears are connected by an arm. The number of turns made by the smaller gear for one revolution of arm about the centre of bigger gear is

4. A higher pair has

5. A pulley and belt in a belt drive form a

6. A rigid body possesses ............. degrees of freedom

7. Hammer blow

8. In a ball bearing, ball and bearing forms a

9. In a hydrodynamic journal bearing, there is

10. In a system subjected to damped forced vibrations, the ratio of maximum displacement to the static deflection is known as

11. In which of the following type of gear train the first gear and the last gear are co-axial

12. Length of arc of contact is given by

13. Minimum number of teeth for involute rack and pinion arrangement for pressure angle of 20 degree is

14. Module of a gear is

15. Oldhams coupling is an inversion of the kinematic chain used in

16. The balancing weights are introduced in planes parallel to the plane of rotation of the disturbing mass. To obtain complete dynamic balance, the minimum number of balancing weights to be introduced in different planes is

17. The Kutzbach criterion for determining the number of degrees of freedom (n) is (where l = number of links, j = number of joints and h = number of higher pairs)

18. The method of direct and reverse cranks is used in engines for

19. The type of gears used to connect two non parallel and non intersecting shafts is

20. To connect two parallel and coplanar shafts the following type of gearing is used

21. Transmission angle is the angle between

22. What is the number of instantaneous centres for an eight link mechanism?

23. Which gear is used for connecting two coplanar and intersecting shafts?

24. Which gear train is used for higher velocity ratios in a small space?

25. Which of the following is a higher pair?

26. Which of the following is an inversion of Single slider crank chain?

27. Which of the following is an open pair?

28. Which one of the following is an exact straight line mechanism using lower pairs?

29. Which type of gear train is used in clock mechanism to join hour hand and minute hand?

30. Which type of gearing is used in steering system of an automobile?

31. Whirling speed of the shaft is the speed at which


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Theory of Machines

Theory of Machines Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Theory of Machines Trivia Quiz

Theory of Machines Question and Answer PDF Online

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