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Gears Quiz Question with Answer

1. Gear shaping is related to

  1. Template
  2. Form tooth process
  3. Hob
  4. Generating

2. Gear teeth formed on a flat surface are called

  1. Rack
  2. Pitch
  3. Spur
  4. Hub

3. Gear teeth formed on a flat surface are called this

  1. Pinion
  2. Rack
  3. Spur
  4. Teeth

4. In force analysis of spur gears which component of force assists the rotation on driven gear?

  1. Axial component
  2. Radial component
  3. Tangential component
  4. All of the above

5. In gears, arc of contact is

  1. Arc of approach + Arc of recess
  2. Arc of approach – Arc of recess
  3. Arc of approach / Arc of recess
  4. Arc of approach x Arc of recess

6. In which of the following processes, tooth ends are made thinner?

  1. Backlash effect
  2. Crowing of gear tooth
  3. Hunting of gear tooth
  4. None of the above

7. In worm and wheel, the shaft axes are at

  1. 90 degrees
  2. 45 degrees
  3. 180 degrees
  4. 270 degrees

8. Intersecting shafts are connected by

  1. Bevel gears
  2. Friction gears
  3. Cams
  4. None of the above

9. Spiral gears are used only if the axes of two shafts are non-intersecting, non-parallel and ............

  1. perpendicular
  2. parallel
  3. non-perpendicular
  4. none of the above

10. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this

  1. Rack size
  2. Tooth size
  3. Gear size
  4. Pitch diameter

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