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Masonry Questions with Answers

1. A modular spacing rule is based on a module size of

2. A tuckpoint grinder is used to

3. How many courses of block (8” x 8” x 16”) are needed to build a wall that is 8’ 8” tall?

4. How many inches are in a yard?

5. The first arches were developed by the ..........

6. The tool used to transport 12 bricks together is a brick

7. What causes a whitish stain to appear on masonry walls due to the formation of soluble salts?

8. What type of chisel isused for chipping mortar from joints?

9. When laying masonry units, mortar is used to achieve .........

10. When mixing mortar, what material is added to the power mixer first?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Masonry

Masonry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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