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Ceramics Quiz Question with Answer

1. During sintering densification is not due to

  1. atomic diffusion
  2. surface diffusion
  3. bulk diffusion
  4. grain growth

2. Hot isostatic pressing is not a viable option if the chief criterion is

  1. strength without grain growth
  2. lost cost
  3. zero porosity
  4. processing refractory ceramics

3. Major ingredients of traditional ceramics

  1. silica
  2. clay
  3. feldspar
  4. all

4. Most commercial glasses consist of

  1. lime
  2. soda
  3. silica
  4. all of the above

5. Not a characteristic property of ceramic material

  1. high temperature stability
  2. high mechanical strength
  3. low elongation
  4. low hardness

6. Not a major contributor of engineering ceramics

  1. SiC
  2. SiO2
  3. Si3N4
  4. Al2O3

7. The following ceramic product is mostly used as pigment in paints

  1. TiO2
  2. SiO2
  3. UO2
  4. ZrO2

8. The word ceramic meant for

  1. soft material
  2. hard material
  3. burnt material
  4. dry material

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