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Concrete Technology Quiz Question with Answer

1. A brick scutch should be used to

  1. adjust quoin bricks
  2. cut small bevelled bats
  3. cut perforated bricks
  4. trim rough-cut bricks

2. A building line is

  1. the line in front of which no building is allowed
  2. part of a bricklayers tool kit
  3. the datum line of a building
  4. a line seen through the eyepiece of a surveyors level

3. A d.p.c.

  1. provides a level bed
  2. provides a bed for floor joists
  3. holds back moisture
  4. binds the lower courses together

4. A d.p.c. placed under a stone sill should extend on each side of the sill at least

  1. 75 mm
  2. 100 mm
  3. 150 mm
  4. 200 mm

5. A disadvantage with clayey subsoils is that in long periods of dry weather they tend to

  1. lift
  2. shrink
  3. explode
  4. collapse

6. A horizontal d.p.c. is placed to stop moisure

  1. rising up from the ground
  2. running down into the foundations
  3. passing from the outer leaf to the inner leaf
  4. flooding the cavity

7. A horizontal member used in trench timbering is a

  1. waling board
  2. poling board
  3. foot prop
  4. puncheon

8. A trench 4.000 m in length, 1.000 m in depth and 1.000 m wide is to be excavated; the sub-soil is clay. The amount to be carted away will be

  1. 6.500 m3
  2. 4.500 m3
  3. 5.00 m3
  4. 5.500 m3

9. Backfilling and compaction of trenches should be carried out in layers of

  1. 150 mm
  2. 200 mm
  3. 300 mm
  4. 450 mm

10. Before a foundation may be concreted, the natural foundation must be inspected by the

  1. clerk of works
  2. factory inspector
  3. safety officer
  4. building control officer

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