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Airports and Air Travel Question with Answer

1. If your flight is delayed, your flight is

  1. early
  2. on time
  3. late
  4. none of the above

2. What can you do at an airport terminal counter ?

  1. show your ticket
  2. check-in
  3. buy travel insurance
  4. all of the above

3. What do people do when they board an airplane?

  1. they get on the plane
  2. they get off the plane
  3. they fly the plane
  4. they fall asleep on the plane

4. What does an airplane do when it departs ?

  1. arrives
  2. leaves
  3. stays at the airport
  4. makes a direct flight

5. When do people usually wear a safety belt ?

  1. before they board a plane
  2. when they get dressed in the morning
  3. during check-in
  4. during take-off and landing

6. When does an airplane land at an airport?

  1. when it departs
  2. when it arrives
  3. when you put on a life vest
  4. when you find your seat

7. When you have a connecting flight what should you do?

  1. open your suitcase
  2. leave the airport
  3. get on another plane
  4. stop smoking

8. Where will someone probably inspect your luggage?

  1. on an airport bus
  2. on a life raft
  3. at a duty-free shop
  4. at airport customs

9. Which of the following can you find in a row on an airplane?

  1. pilots
  2. flight attendants
  3. seats
  4. all of the above

10. Which of the following things can a porter do?

  1. help you board a plane
  2. help you check in
  3. help you carry your baggage
  4. help you buy a suitcase

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