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Roofing Question with Answer

1. For open valleys, flash the valley with metal thats wide enough to extend at least

  1. 4 inches under the slate
  2. 6 inches under the slate
  3. 8 inches under the slate
  4. 12 inches under the slate

2. For slate tile installed over copper crickets, the slate should lap the copper at least how many inches?

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8

3. Given a roof slope of 10 in 12 and a hip run of 12 feet, the actual length of any hip for the roof will be

  1. 10 feet
  2. 12 feet
  3. 15.62 feet
  4. 19.7 feet

4. Given four bundles of single-coursing No. 1 grade 16-inch wood shingles, the maximum recommended weather exposure for sidewall application is

  1. 140 square feet applied at a 7-inch exposure
  2. 150 square feet applied at a 7 1/2-inch exposure
  3. 160 square feet applied at a 8-inch exposure
  4. 170 square feet applied at a 8 1/2-inch exposure

5. Given number one handsplit shakes with 22 inch exposure, the number of bundles required per square is

  1. 9.09
  2. 2.27
  3. 4.17
  4. 2.78

6. good roofer should always when estimating a roof?

  1. Measure the roof
  2. Sketch the roof
  3. Secure the ladder
  4. Photograph the roof

7. Hip and ridge bundles contain how many units per bundle?

  1. 30
  2. 40
  3. 50
  4. 60

8. If a roof leaks it is most likely to leak

  1. At the perimeter
  2. At a flashing point
  3. Under the membrane
  4. At a valley

9. In a closed valley

  1. The felt underlayment must be doubled in the valley area
  2. Flash the valley with a 36 inch-wide layer of mineral or smooth surfaced roll roofing (50 pounds or heavier)
  3. Metal flashing is the best choice
  4. Do not use asphalt plastic cement

10. In damp areas where good ventilation is important clay tile roofs should have

  1. Double selvage
  2. hot mop application
  3. ballast system
  4. counter batten system

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