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Discover the ins and outs of roofing with our curated collection of trivia questions and answers. Whether you're a homeowner looking to understand different roofing materials and techniques, a contractor seeking to expand your knowledge base, or simply curious about the world of roofing, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Delve into topics such as the types of roofing materials commonly used, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and clay tiles, as well as the various factors to consider when choosing the right roofing system for your property. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about the fascinating world of roofing. From understanding the importance of proper ventilation and insulation to learning about the latest trends and innovations in roofing technology, our trivia provides a comprehensive exploration of this essential aspect of building construction and maintenance.

Roofing Questions with Answers

1. For open valleys, flash the valley with metal thats wide enough to extend at least

2. For slate tile installed over copper crickets, the slate should lap the copper at least how many inches?

3. Given a roof slope of 10 in 12 and a hip run of 12 feet, the actual length of any hip for the roof will be

4. Given four bundles of single-coursing No. 1 grade 16-inch wood shingles, the maximum recommended weather exposure for sidewall application is

5. Given number one handsplit shakes with 22 inch exposure, the number of bundles required per square is

6. good roofer should always when estimating a roof?

7. Hip and ridge bundles contain how many units per bundle?

8. If a roof leaks it is most likely to leak

9. In a closed valley

10. In damp areas where good ventilation is important clay tile roofs should have

11. In high wind areas joints should be lapped at least how many inches?

12. In high wind areas the drip edge should be nailed on center how many inches apart?

13. In high wind areas the drip edge should be nailed on centers

14. In single layer applications, all felts should be lapped

15. is one of the least expensive metal valley flashing materials and therefore, most often used.

16. Jimmy Joe installed the insulation using dead-level asphalt. Jimmy Joe is going to apply an EPDM roof membrane system. Jimmy Joe should

17. Jimmy Joe is trimming the upper corner of shingles along the valley centerline at a 45 degree angle. The process of trimming the shingles is known as

18. Leaks normally occur around counterflashing during blowing rain because?

19. Lightweight insulated concrete roof decks must have a minimum thickness of inches.

20. Lightweight insulates concrete decks must have a minimum compressive strength of pounds per square inch.

21. Mechanical fasteners should penetrate concrete decks at least

22. Mechanical fastening of the membrane installed over treated wood nailers should be

23. Mechanically fastened EPDM systems must penetrate how far into concrete decks?

24. Mineral granules applied over mastic as roof surfacing should be deposited at the rate of pounds per square.

25. Mineral surfaced roll roofing should be installed when the temperature is above how many degrees?

26. Mission tile weighs approximately how many pounds per square?

27. Most leaks occur around vents in about every type of roof, usually because of

28. Nails used for roll roofing should be spaced how far apart?

29. Narrow EPDM sheets are usually

30. new 3-tab roof using a 6-inch pattern will require a full shingle on the course.

31. No fasteners may be used within how many inches of centerline when flashing a closed-cut valley?

32. No fasteners may be used within inches of centerline in a woven.

33. No nail should be located closer than inches to the valley center line.

34. Normally shingle roofs are the maximum allowed on any structure.

35. Number 1 Straight-split 18 inch by 3/8 inch shingles with an 8 inch exposure has an approximate coverage of how many square feet per square?

36. Number 1 straight-split 18 inch long shakes with 7 1/2 inch exposure requires how many bundles per square?

37. Oakum applied prior to caulking is called

38. On a new shingle roof, nails should be inches long.

39. On a new slate roof, nails should be how many inch/es longer than twice the thickness of the slate?

40. On a wood roof, all may have a sheet metal patch except?

41. On closed-cut valleys, make sure the shingle end joints are at least how many inches from the centerline of a closed-cut or woven valley?

42. On roof slopes from 4:12 to 6:12 the tile requires

43. On roof slopes of less than 1 in 12 the roofer should

44. On roofs that slope more than 1/2 in 12, seal joints of flat seams of most metals with

45. On wood shingles with a 5 inch exposure, nail about inches from the bottom edge of the shingle.

46. One of the advantages of mineral surfaced roll roofing is

47. One of the drawbacks to using mineral surfaced roll roofing is

48. The roof is 60 feet by 30 feet measured eave to eave. The height of the gable is 5 feet. The squares of shingle required to roof the residence is?

49. One square of 18 inch X 3/8-inch straight shakes with 10 inches laid to weather will cover approximately square feet.

50. One square of 18-inch X 3/8ths inch True Edge shakes with 8 inches laid to weather will cover approximately square feet.


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