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Railway Engineering Question with Answer

1. Credit of hauling a train by steam engine goes to

  1. Johnson
  2. Steavenson
  3. Stephenson
  4. Williams

2. The first railway train ran between

  1. Stockton and Darlington
  2. New York and Washington
  3. Mumbai and Thana
  4. Paris and Berlin

3. 60 R rails are used in

  1. broad gauge
  2. merte gauge
  3. narrow gauge
  4. in all the above

4. A CST–9 sleeper is

  1. pot sleeper
  2. plate sleeper
  3. box sleeper
  4. combination of all the above

5. A marshalling yard should be

  1. flat yard
  2. hump yard
  3. gravitational yard
  4. any of the above

6. A rail section is designated by its

  1. cross-sectional area
  2. length
  3. total weight
  4. weight per metre length

7. Advantages of cast iron sleepers is

  1. less cracking
  2. high scarp value
  3. easy to manufacture
  4. all the above

8. An horizontal arm signal with V-shaped cut at free end and a V-shaped band is known as

  1. stop signal
  2. warner signal
  3. shunting signal
  4. starter signal

9. At road and rail level crossing, road should be straight at least for

  1. 30 m
  2. 40 m
  3. 50 m
  4. 75 m

10. At road and rail level crossing, the crossing angle should not be less than

  1. 90°
  2. 60°
  3. 45°
  4. 30°

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