Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compounds MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The charge on the manganese in the salt MnCl3 is

  1. 1+
  2. 1-
  3. 2+-
  4. 3+

32. The correct formula of iron(III) bromide is

  1. FeBr2
  2. FeBr3
  3. FeBr
  4. Fe3Br3

33. The correct name for Al2O3 is

  1. aluminum oxide
  2. dialuminum oxide
  3. dialuminum trioxide
  4. aluminum hydroxide

34. The correct name for CaH2 is

  1. hydrocalcium
  2. calcium dihydride
  3. calcium hydride
  4. calcium dihydroxide

35. The correct name for Cu(CN)2 is

  1. Copper (I) cyanide
  2. Carbon cyanide
  3. Carbon carbonate
  4. Copper (II) cyanide

36. The correct name for K2S is

  1. potassium sulfate
  2. potassium disulfide
  3. potassium bisulfide
  4. potassium sulfide

37. The correct name for Mg(ClO3)2 is

  1. magnesium chlorate
  2. manganese chlorate
  3. magnesium chloroxide
  4. magnesium perchlorate

38. The correct name for MgF2 is

  1. manganese difluoride
  2. magnesium difluoride
  3. monomagnesium difluoride
  4. magnesium fluoride

39. The correct name for Na2O2 is

  1. Sodium oxide
  2. Sodium dioxide
  3. Disodium oxide
  4. Sodium peroxide

40. The correct name for SrO is

  1. strontium oxide
  2. strontium hydroxide
  3. strontium peroxide
  4. strontium monoxide

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Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compounds Question and Answer

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