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Structure of Atom Quiz Question with Answer

1. For which of the following set of quantum numbers, an electron will have the highest energy?

  1. 3, 2, +1, +1/2
  2. 4, 1, 0, -1/2
  3. 4, 2, -1, +1/2
  4. 5, 0, 0, +1/2

2. Which of the following atoms or ion/atom have identical ground state configuration?

  1. Li+ and He+
  2. Na and K
  3. Cl- and Ar
  4. F+ and Ne

3. A g-sub shell is characterized by

  1. n=5
  2. m=3
  3. l= 4
  4. l= 5

4. Which expression represents de-Broglie relationship?

  1. h/mv = ρ
  2. λ= h/mρ
  3. h/mv = λ
  4. mλ = v/ρ

5. The number of spherical nodes for 4d orbital is

  1. Zero
  2. Two
  3. One
  4. Three

6. The configuration 1s2, 2s2, 2p5, 3s1 shows

  1. Ground state of fluorine
  2. Excited state of neon
  3. Excited state of fluorine
  4. Excited state of O2- ion

7. The electronic configuration of Cu+2 ion is;

  1. [Ar} 4s1 3d8
  2. [Ar] 4s1 3d10
  3. [Ar] 4s2 3d10 4p1
  4. [Ar] 3d9

8. Which of the following orbitals has dumb-bell shape

  1. s
  2. p
  3. d
  4. f

9. The total number of orbitals in a shell having principle quantum number n is;

  1. 2n
  2. n2
  3. 2n2
  4. (n+l)

10. Bohrs radius for H-atom(n=1) is approximately0.53Ao. The radius of the first excited (n=2) is;

  1. 0.13 Ao
  2. 1.06Ao,
  3. 4.77Ao
  4. 2.12Ao

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