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States of Matter Quiz Question with Answer

1. A real gas

  1. does not obey all the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory.
  2. consists of particles that do not occupy space.
  3. cannot be condensed.
  4. cannot be produced in scientific laboratories.

2. A solid forms when the average energy of a substances particles

  1. increases.
  2. decreases.
  3. decreases then increases.
  4. creates a random arrangement.

3. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, how does a gas expand?

  1. Its particles become larger.
  2. Collisions between particles become elastic.
  3. Its temperature rises.
  4. Its particles move greater distances.

4. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of an ideal gas

  1. attract each other but do not collide.
  2. repel each other and collide.
  3. neither attract nor repel each other but collide.
  4. neither attract nor repel each other and do not collide.

5. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter

  1. are in constant motion.
  2. have different shapes.
  3. have different colors.
  4. are always fluid.

6. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter are in motion in

  1. gases only.
  2. gases and liquids only.
  3. solids, liquids, and gases.
  4. solids only.

7. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, which substances are made of particles?

  1. gases only
  2. liquids only
  3. all matter
  4. all matter except solids

8. An ideal gas is a hypothetical gas

  1. not made of particles.
  2. that conforms to all of the assumptions of the kinetic theory.
  3. whose particles have zero mass.
  4. made of motionless particles.

9. Any sample of matter has mass and takes up space. The main reason for this is because:

  1. All matter is heavy
  2. Matter can be a gas
  3. Matter is made up of tiny particles that have mass and take up space
  4. The Earth is made of matter

10. At pressures greater than 1 atm, water will boil at

  1. a temperature higher than 100 degree Celcius.
  2. a temperature lower than 100 degree Celcius.
  3. 100 degree Celcius.
  4. 4 degree Celcius.

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