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Lipids Quiz Question with Answer

1. Based on its structural similarity to other lipids, this lipid most likely functions as

  1. a membrane component.
  2. an energy storage molecule.
  3. a sex hormone.
  4. a vitamin required for vision.

2. Which characteristic does this lipid share with a wax?

  1. Both contain a polar head.
  2. Both contain three fatty acids.
  3. Both contain one or more ester bonds.
  4. Both contain one or more carboxyl groups.

3. Which characteristic is shared by this lipid and an eicosanoid?

  1. This lipid and a leukotriene are both polyunsaturated molecules.
  2. This lipid and a thromboxane can both be hydrolyzed in base to produce soaps.
  3. This lipid and a prostaglandin can both be hydrolyzed in acid to create fatty acids.
  4. This lipid and an arachidonic acid both contain glycerol and hydrocarbon chains.

4. Which component is found in all sphingolipids?

  1. a carbohydrate
  2. a negative charge
  3. a phosphate group
  4. an amino alcohol

5. Which is a characteristic of all the fatty acid components in this lipid?

  1. They all contain an unbranched carbon chain.
  2. They all contain unconjugated cis double bonds.
  3. They all are joined to glycerol through an ester bond.
  4. They all are hydrophilic because they contain oxygen.

6. Which is a characteristic of biological membranes?

  1. Membranes contain proteins and amphipathic lipids.
  2. Membranes have an asymmetrical micelle structure.
  3. Membranes have hydrophobic groups on the surfaces.
  4. Membranes contain lipids that polymerize into one large molecule.

7. Which is a characteristic of sphingolipids?

  1. They all contain a fatty acid joined to glycerol.
  2. They all contain a long-chain alcohol joined to isoprene.
  3. They all contain ceramide joined to a polar group.
  4. They all contain a carbohydrate joined to a phosphate group.

8. Which is a characteristic of the lipids in a biological membrane?

  1. Specific glycerophospholipids are distributed equally on the two membrane surfaces.
  2. Lipid molecules are held in fixed positions by non-covalent bonds with proteins.
  3. The fluidity of the membrane decreases with lower levels of saturated fatty acids.
  4. The fatty acids of lipid molecules are found in the interior of the membrane.

9. Which is a general property of cell membranes?

  1. Membranes contain more lipid than protein.
  2. Membrane proteins have a polar head and a non-polar tail.
  3. Membrane lipids are amphipathic.
  4. Membranes contain covalent bonds between fatty acids.

10. Which is a property of eicosanoids?

  1. All eicosanoids contain three conjugated double bonds.
  2. All eicosanoids contain arachidonic acid and sphingosine.
  3. Prostaglandins and leukotrienes both contain a ring structure.
  4. Thromboxanes and prostaglandins both contain a carboxyl group.

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