Electrolysis MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Electrolysis MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the fascinating world of electrolysis with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers! Explore the principles, applications, and processes of electrolysis in various industries, from metallurgy to electroplating. Whether you're a chemistry student, an engineer, or simply curious about the electrochemical reactions that drive technological advancements, our Electrolysis MCQs page offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and unravel the mysteries of electrolysis through our carefully crafted quizzes. Visit ObjectiveQuiz.com now to embark on a journey through the electrifying realm of electrochemistry.

Electrolysis Questions with Answers

1. A weak electrolyte is one which

2. An electrolyte is a

3. During electrolysis of NaCI, the gas discharged at the anode is

4. During electrolysis, anions undergo

5. During electrolysis, the electrolyte conducts electricity by the movement of

6. For electrolysis to work, used compound should be a

7. Sodium chloride is a

8. The current flow through electrolyte is due to the movement of

9. The electrode where the current enters the electrolyte is called the

10. The material which is to be electroplated

11. The negative electrode in electrolysis is called the

12. The results of electrolysis of a blue solution using graphite electrodes. Cathode Electrode: Cathode Some reddish brown solids form. The solid does not react Anode Electrode: A gas with a choking smell evolves. The gas can turn moist blue litmus paper red and then white. The solution is probably with dilute hydrochloric aci

13. The weak electrolyte among the following is

14. Water is a

15. Water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by means of an electric current by the method of

16. Which of the following statements about the electrolysis of concentrated potassium iodide solution using graphite electrodes is correct?

17. Which metal is used in electroplating cans to store food?

18. Which of the following is a non-electrolyte

19. Which of the following methods CANNOT reduce the pollution from the electroplating industry?

20. Which pair of electrolytes is not inert?

21. Which primary cell has the longest life?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Electrolysis

Electrolysis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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