pH scale MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

pH scale MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the fascinating world of the pH scale with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers! Explore the principles of acidity and alkalinity, the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration, and the importance of pH in various applications, from chemistry to biology. Whether you're a student of science, a researcher, or simply curious about the acidity levels of substances, our pH Scale MCQs page offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and unravel the mysteries of pH through our carefully crafted quizzes. Visit now to embark on a journey through the captivating realm of the pH scale!

pH scale Questions with Answers

1. A colourless liquid sample was tested with pH paper strip. The colour of the strip changed reddish pink. The sample could be

2. A drop of a liquid sample was put on the pH paper. The colour of the pH paper turned blue. The liquid sample could be of

3. A drop of colourless liquid was placed on blue litmus paper. The litmus paper turned red. The liquid could be

4. A drop of solution X is placed on a strip of a ph paper. A deep red color is produced. The solution X is

5. A few drops of a liquid X were added to distilled water. It was observed that the pH of the water decreased. The liquid X is

6. A fruit juice is tested for its ph value. What could be its possible ph if it turns red

7. A liquid sample turned red litmus paper blue. This indicates that the liquid sample is of

8. A little dilute hydrochloric acid is dropped on a pH paper. The colour of the pH paper turns to

9. A solution with pH = 0 is

10. A student observed that the colour of pH paper changes to green when she dipped it in water. She added a few drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid to the water. The colour of pH paper would turn to

11. A student tested the ph of distilled water and found that the colour of the ph paper changed it to green. He checked the ph again after dissolving common salt in it. the color of the ph paper this time is

12. A student tested the pH of distilled water using paper and observed green colour. After adding a few drops of dilute NaOH solution, the pH was tested again. The colour change now observed would be

13. As the ph increases

14. Bottle A contains oxalic acid and bottle B contains sodium carbonate solution. When pH paper is dipped in each of the solutions, the colour seen in A and B respectively will be

15. If the ph of a solution is 7.5, its nature is

16. In an acid solution, the pH is

17. On putting two drops of dilute hydrochloric acid on the pH paper, the colour developed on the pH paper is

18. ph of a neutral solution

19. pH paper is prepared by dipping the strip into

20. ph value of lime water is

21. Solid sodium bicarbonate was placed on a strip of pH paper. The colour of the strip

22. Th two colours seen at the extreme end of the ph chart are

23. The colour of the pH paper strip turned red when it was dipped into a solution. the solution colud be

24. The correct method of finding the pH of a solution is to

25. The pH is defined as

26. The pH of a NaOH solution is 10. If water is added to it, its pH will

27. the ph range of a universal indicator solution is

28. Which one of the following is not required to find the pH of a solution?

29. Which one of the following solutions woulditmus you use to test the pH of a given sample?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on pH scale

pH scale Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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