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Solid Liquid and Gases Quiz Question with Answer

1. A gas can be compressed because

  1. gases have always got air in them
  2. the particles can be squeezed
  3. the particles shrink
  4. there are gaps between the particles

2. A substance that is a liquid is

  1. crystal
  2. ice
  3. steam
  4. water

3. A substance with a fixed shape is called a

  1. foam
  2. gas
  3. liquid
  4. solid

4. Boiling happens when

  1. a gas turns to a solid
  2. a liquid turns to a gas
  3. a solid turns to a gas
  4. a solid turns to a liquid

5. Choose the statement that is incorrect.

  1. All substances are made of particles.
  2. Matter contains particles.
  3. Solids, liquids and gases are called the three states of matter.
  4. Some liquids do not contain particles.

6. Diffusion provides evidence that

  1. all matter is made from particles
  2. particles collide
  3. particles have different sizes
  4. particles move by themselves

7. During heat conduction in solids

  1. the energy in the particles expands
  2. the particles get cooler
  3. the particles lose energy
  4. the particles pass on energy by colliding

8. In a gas the particles

  1. are far apart
  2. change size
  3. are close together
  4. move slowly

9. In a solid substance the particles

  1. are far apart
  2. change size
  3. do not move
  4. touch

10. On a cold, damp morning there is mist in a garden. Mist is a mixture of

  1. a liquid and a gas
  2. a liquid and a solid
  3. a solid and a gas
  4. two different liquids

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