Concrete Technology Quiz Question with Answer

21. In open timbering, the poling boards are retained in position by using

  1. puncheons
  2. struts
  3. lacings
  4. walings

22. In tanking construction the cement mortar fill Is used to

  1. increase the wall strength
  2. prevent water penetration
  3. strengthen the protective wall
  4. protect the vertical asphalt

23. Intermediate level points between two previously established levels can be determied by using

  1. boning rods
  2. builders squares
  3. trammel rods
  4. gauge staffs

24. Plasticisers used in mortars increase

  1. strength
  2. density
  3. adhesion
  4. workability

25. Sand-lime bricks are hardened by

  1. steaming in an autoclave
  2. firing in a continuous kiln
  3. the addition of Portland cement
  4. continuous spraying with water

26. Setting-out lines for walls which divide semidetached houses are derived from

  1. return profiles
  2. gauge staffs
  3. single profiles
  4. building squares

27. Stabilising a bricklayers line in windy conditions is carried out by using

  1. line pins
  2. corner blocks
  3. heavy lines
  4. tingle plates

28. The application of asphalt to basements in order to prevent penetration of water is described as

  1. flaunching
  2. tanking
  3. benching
  4. haunching

29. The area of a brick which surrounds the frog is termed the

  1. margin
  2. stretcher face
  3. arris
  4. header face

30. The first reading taken from an instrument position is termed the

  1. foresight
  2. datum sight
  3. intermediate sight
  4. backsight

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