Green Chemistry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Green chemistry is more expensive than traditional chemistry?

  1. True Statement
  2. FalseStatement

22. Green chemistry synthesis could also involve which of the following?

  1. High temperature
  2. Dichloromethane
  3. Fossil fuels
  4. Microwave

23. Green chemists reduce risk by?

  1. Reducing the hazard inherent in a chemical product or process
  2. Minimizing the use of all chemicals
  3. Inventing technologies that will clean up toxic sites
  4. Developing recycled products

24. In 1998, this state signed green chemistry legislation promising to remove politics from the evaluation of disputed chemicals?

  1. Oregon
  2. California
  3. New York
  4. Florida

25. In the late 1960s, the Cuyahoga River in Ohio overloaded with chemical pollutants and ...........?

  1. Killed fish
  2. Polluted surrounding soil
  3. Caused foaming
  4. Caught fire

26. Lignin, switch grass, and cellulose are all types of ...............?

  1. Enzymes
  2. Catalysts
  3. Bio-based feedstocks
  4. Anti-cancer compounds

27. Shortly after mid-night in 1984, a reaction caused poisonous methyl isocyanate gas to leak from a factory in this city, ............ causing 3,700 deaths?

  1. Bhopal
  2. Hinkley
  3. Calcutta
  4. Siberia

28. Since 1996, Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award winning technologies have helped save or eliminate at least 1.3 billion pounds of hazardous chemicals and solvents?

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

29. Soybean is used to replace traditional inks in printer cartridges, highlighting which of the Green chemistry principles?

  1. Atom economy
  2. Use of Renewable Feedstocks
  3. Reduce derivatives
  4. Prevent waste

30. The definition of green chemistry is the same as the definition of sustainability?

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

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