Mechanical Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

31. Petroleum is

  1. Solid fuel
  2. Liquid fuel
  3. Secondary fuel
  4. None of this

32. Pump is a machine which is used to do

  1. lift liquid from low height to higher elevation
  2. To store liquid
  3. To compress liquid
  4. none of the above

33. Reducing pressure angle on gears results in

  1. Weaker teeth
  2. Stronger teeth
  3. High velocity ratio
  4. High efficiency

34. Saturation temperature of steam increase

  1. With decrease in pressure
  2. with increase in pressure
  3. is unaffected by pressure
  4. none of the above

35. Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat required

  1. To raise unit of temp of a substance
  2. To raise unit mass of substance through unit degree of temperature
  3. To raise unit mass of substance through 100 C
  4. None of this

36. The ability of a material to resist fracture due to high impact loads is called

  1. strength
  2. stiffness
  3. toughness
  4. brittleness

37. The air standard cycle on which the petrol engine work is

  1. Otto cycle
  2. Carrot cycle
  3. Joule cycle
  4. Dual cycle

38. The cam shaft speed of four stroke engine is

  1. Double than crank shaft speed
  2. Four times of crank shaft speed
  3. Equal to crank shaft speed
  4. Half of crank shaft speed

39. The clearance volume in a compressor is provided

  1. To increase volumetric efficiency
  2. to reduce the work input
  3. So that piston does no strike the cylinder head
  4. To accommodate valves in the cylinder

40. The clutch ordinarily remains in disengaged condition when it is used for power transmission in:

  1. Automobile
  2. Machine tools
  3. Crane
  4. Elevator

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