Immigration MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. What settlement house was founded by Jane Addams?

  1. Hull House
  2. Addams House
  3. Settlement Aid House
  4. Janes House

12. What was the first law passed to limit immigration?

  1. Immigration Act of 1917
  2. European Exclusion Act
  3. Asian Immigration Act
  4. Chinese Exclusion Act

13. What were the beginning of todays multimillion-dollar film industry?

  1. nickelodeons
  2. moving pictures
  3. film shows
  4. radio programs

14. Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of immigrants in the early 1900s?

  1. poor
  2. searching for job opportunites
  3. English speakers
  4. from Southern and Eastern Europe

15. Which of the following is NOT a reason for city growth?

  1. job opportunities
  2. mechanized equipment on farms
  3. immigration
  4. Nativism

16. Which of the following is NOT a reason for increased immigration?

  1. better opportunities
  2. political persecution
  3. religious freedoms
  4. harsh travel

17. Which of the following is NOT a result of immigration on city growth?

  1. corrupt political bosses
  2. increase in tenements
  3. overcrowded neighborhoods
  4. higher wages

18. Which of the following was PULL factor for immigration?

  1. free land
  2. poverty
  3. religious persecution
  4. overpopulation

19. Which regions did the majority of immigrants come from in the early 1900s?

  1. northern and western
  2. southern and eastern
  3. southern and western
  4. northern and eastern

20. Who tended to the needs of immigrants such as housing and jobs in exchange for votes?

  1. political bosses
  2. immigration processing centers
  3. settlement houses
  4. YMCA

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