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Labor Day MCQs questions answers

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Celebrate the achievements and contributions of workers around the world with our curated collection of trivia questions and answers on Labor Day. Whether you're a labor advocate, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about the origins and significance of Labor Day, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Delve into topics such as the history of the labor movement, the struggles and triumphs of working people throughout history, and the evolution of labor laws and regulations. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about the importance of honoring and respecting the labor force. From understanding the roots of Labor Day in the fight for workers' rights to exploring modern-day labor issues and challenges, our trivia provides a comprehensive exploration of this meaningful holiday.

Labor Day Questions with Answers

1. Labor Day is observed in the United States on

2. Labor Day is said to have been conceived by

3. Earlier Labor Day was observed on the first Saturday in which month?

4. First important national labor organization in the United States is

5. First Labor Day celebration was held in

6. Labor Day is dedicated to all the men and women who work in every nation

7. Labor Day was declared a United States national holiday on

8. Labor Day was first celebrated in New York City on

9. The Labor Day bill was passed under the United States President

10. Workers should be honored definitely. In what century this particular idea was first proposed?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Labor Day

Labor Day Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Labor Day Trivia Quiz

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