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Self esteem MCQs questions answers

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our curated collection of trivia questions and answers on self-esteem. Whether you're on a quest for personal growth, a mental health advocate, or simply intrigued by the psychology of self-esteem, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Delve into topics such as the factors influencing self-esteem, the impact of childhood experiences on self-image, and strategies for building and maintaining healthy self-esteem. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about the complex nature of self-esteem. From understanding the role of positive affirmations to exploring the connection between self-esteem and mental well-being, our trivia provides a comprehensive exploration of this essential aspect of human psychology.

Self esteem Questions with Answers

1. To bounce back from setbacks and embarrassments it is necessary to

2. Thinking positive thoughts can make your self-esteem better.

3. The experience of feeling competent to cope with the basic challenges in life and of being worthy of happiness is

4. Self-confidence is affected by comparing ourselves to others, or social comparison,

5. Research has shown that companies who have an educated workforce and workers who have high self-esteem are likely to exhibit increased

6. Positive self-talk is

7. One of the major consequences of high self-esteem is

8. Its easy for people with low self-confidence to make new friends.

9. It is reported that people who have high self-esteem themselves can generally increase your self-esteem because these individuals usually

10. If you have low self-confidence, you are afraid to speak up in class, even when you know the right answer.

11. If you have high self-confidence, youre OK with winning and losing.

12. If you have high self-confidence, you are probably more likely to try new things.


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Self esteem

Self esteem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Self esteem Trivia Quiz

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