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Delve into the rich history and traditions of Boxing Day with our curated collection of trivia questions and answers. Whether you're a fan of festive celebrations, a history buff intrigued by cultural holidays, or simply curious about the origins of Boxing Day, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Explore topics such as the origins of Boxing Day, its evolution over time, and the various customs and traditions associated with this holiday in different parts of the world. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about the significance of Boxing Day. From understanding its historical roots as a day for giving to the less fortunate to exploring modern-day interpretations and celebrations, our trivia provides a comprehensive exploration of this beloved holiday.

Boxing Day Questions with Answers

1. According to the Christmas carol, who looked out on the Feast of Stephen?

2. According to the song The 12 Days Of Christmas, what gifts are given on December 26th (the second day of Christmas)?

3. Although not generally observed in the United States, the governor of which New England state declared December 26th as Boxing Day in 1996 as a response to a local coalition of British citizens to transport the tradition to America?

4. At which cricket ground is the Boxing Day test match traditionally played?

5. Boxing Day falls on the Feast of Saint Stephens and which other holiday?

6. Boxing Day is also St Stephens Day, but what other celebration does it coincide with?

7. Boxing Day originated in what country?

8. December 26 is also known as National .............. Day in the USA

9. How did the life of St Stephen, a champion of the poor and for widows end in AD34?

10. In English tradition, of what material is a Christmas box made?

11. In Sydney, Australia, what major race starts every year on Boxing Day?

12. In the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man, December 26th is also known by which name (due to the tradition of hunting a bird then parading through the town with it)?

13. In what former British colony is Boxing Day known as Day of Goodwill?

14. In which Scandinavian country is Boxing Day also known as Annandagsbandy, which marks the start of the bandy season?

15. Its a bank holiday in the UK but which country does not regard it as a public holiday?

16. On Boxing Day 1898, Pierre and Marie Curie announced to the French Academy of Sciences that they had discovered which radioactive chemical element?

17. On Boxing Day, costumed Gombey dancers perform through which mid-Atlantic island (which is a British Overseas Territory)?

18. On Boxing Day, it is traditional to give presents to people who have rendered a service in the past year. People who work in which of the following professions would not be given a present on Boxing Day?

19. Some historians think that Boxing Day was created to give servants a day off so they could go see their families. In the past, what did employers give their servants on Boxing Day?

20. St Stephens Day is celebrated in Sweden with a game of bandy, but what is bandy?

21. The Junkanoo street parade takes place on Boxing Day on which island nation of the West Indies?

22. What major holiday does Boxing Day follow?

23. What sport was traditionally played on Boxing Day before it was banned?

24. What was once a popular way to mark Boxing Day in Ireland?

25. Which actor, best known for his role in Game Of Thrones, was born on Boxing Day 1986?

26. Which American president passed away on Boxing Day 1972?

27. Which American president passed away on Boxing Day 2006?

28. Which Chinese revolutionary and founder of the Peoples Republic of China was born on Boxing Day 1893?

29. Which English mathematician and inventor of the Differential Machine (a precursor to the computer) was born on Boxing Day 1791?

30. Which former Yugoslavian country celebrates Independence and Unity Day on Boxing Day, to commemorate the result of the independence referendum held in the country in 1990?

31. Which of the following countries does not celebrate Boxing Day?

32. Which saints day is celebrated on December 26th?

33. Which team scored the most goals in Englands top division in a Boxing Day football game?

34. Why do we call it Boxing Day?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Boxing Day

Boxing Day Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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