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Discover the fascinating history and traditions of Easter Day with our collection of Easter Day MCQ questions and answers. Whether you're celebrating the religious significance of the holiday, exploring its cultural customs, or simply curious about its origins, our repository covers a wide range of topics. From the symbolism of Easter eggs and bunnies to the historical events associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our curated questions provide valuable insights into this cherished holiday. Dive into our database to learn about Easter traditions around the world, the significance of Easter Sunday, and the various ways in which people commemorate this special day.

Easter Day Questions with Answers

1. According to traditions, Hot cross buns are made without which ingredient?

2. All around the world, Easter is always celebrated every year in the month of April

3. Approximately how many chocolate Easter Bunnies are produced each year?

4. Christian scriptures tell us that Easter Day commemorates the day that Jesus

5. Easter always falls on a

6. Easter Day is celebrated on which day of the week?

7. Eggs are a symbol of

8. From what does Easter get its name?

9. Immediately before Easter is a forty-day period known as

10. In the book Alice in Wonderland, Alice follows what colour rabbit down therabbit hole?

11. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on which animal?

12. Millions of Mashmallow Peeps, a type of Easter candy are sold each year. Based on sales, which color of Peeps are most popular with customers?

13. Other than a rabbit, which two animals do we see used at Easter?

14. The Easter Bunny is named in honor of

15. The Easter Candy Americans buy the LEAST of is

16. The Easter candy Americans buy the MOST of is

17. The tradition of having sweets on Easter started with

18. What cake is eaten around Easter?

19. What do Australians use to symolize Easter instead of a Rabbit?

20. What is the Easter egg supposed to symolize

21. What is the food traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?

22. What is the traditional name of Eatser Egg painting?

23. What was the first Easter basket supposed to ressemble

24. Where did the tradition of Easter Bunny originate?Queen Victoria started it

25. Where you will find the world largest Easter Egg?

26. Which animal is credited with delivering Easter Eggs to children at Easter time?

27. Which roast meal is traditionally associated withn Easter

28. Who was the jeweller famous for making ornate Easter eggas for the Russian families?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Easter Day

Easter Day Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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