Plate Tectonics Quiz Question with Answer

41. What kind of plate boundary results to the formation of most volcanoes?

  1. convergent boundary
  2. divergent boundary
  3. transform or shear boundary

42. What material forms new ocean floor?

  1. sediment
  2. magma
  3. plates
  4. rocks

43. Where does sea floor spreading happen?

  1. at the rift valley along the mid-ocean ridges
  2. at deep sea trenches
  3. at the Ring of Fire
  4. at the Pacific Ocean

44. Where is old crust melted back into magma?

  1. at the mid-ocean ridge
  2. along plate boundaries
  3. at deep-sea trenches
  4. volcano

45. Which of the following is not a TYPE of plate boundary?

  1. convergent
  2. transform
  3. divergent
  4. subduction

46. Who came up with the theory of sea floor spreading?

  1. Alfred Wegener
  2. Harry Hess
  3. ancient Greeks
  4. Albert Einstein

47. Why is a divergent boundary also called a constructive boundary?

  1. Magma flows up between the plates and forms new crust.
  2. Old ocean floor is re-melted into magma
  3. Animals in the ocean construct nests there.
  4. Pacific Ocean becomes wider

48. Why is Earth not growing in spite of sea floor spreading?

  1. because of subduction in the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. because of subduction in the Indian Ocean.
  3. because of subduction the Pacific Ocean.
  4. because of subduction in the Gulf of Mexico.

49. Why was Wegeners theory forgotten?

  1. He could not explain how the continents could move.
  2. It was not a good theory.
  3. He did not publish his theory.
  4. He did not have money.

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